R.I.P. Rowland S. Howard

30th of December is bitter-sweet – it’s my birthday and also the anniversary of the passing of Rowland Howard, founding member of the Birthday Party and noise-merchant extraordianire.

Two years now and still, of course, missed… but I bet you’re still Rowland around in that stuff.

Bauhaus “Sky’s Gone Out” & “Burning from the Inside” re-issues – some news and track details

Here’s an interesting tidbit I stumbled upon today.  I was on the Beggars Banquet website looking at the  This Mortal Coil re-releases, and the article thread has been hijacked by a discussion over the re-release of Bauhaus’s “The Sky’s Gone Out” and Burning from the Inside”.

Bauhaus biographer (and serial compiler and liner-writer for Beggars, Bauhaus, Tones and Tail, Peter Murphy, et al.) Andrew Brooksbank has spilled the beans on some possible tracks for the potential re-releases of Bauhaus’s third and forth studio LPs. Continue reading

Warsaw (band) added to Gods & Alcoves

I have added Warsaw’s very brief details into Gods and Alcoves (they are the 20th band).

The Warsaw semi-official compilation LP is absolutely amazing and, if you are a fan of Joy Division (and if you’re reading this there is a good chance that you are), you need to get hold of a copy of this.

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Killing Joke – “Down by the River” live LP review

So, Killing Joke put out another live LP“Down by the River”.  Hmmmmmmmm.  They have put out a lot of live stuff recently – Live at the Forum (volumes one and two), XXV Gathering (25th anniversary gigs) and Duende (the rehearsals for the re-union tour), not forgetting the re-issued records: the Bootleg Archive (6 CD’s worth) and the “Original Unperverted Pantomime“.

Frankly, in terms of production, some of the live material has sounded below par, so to see another Killing Joke live LP does not fill me with the same joy as seeing the announcement for “HA!” in the summer of 1982.

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Dark Circle Room’s Killing Joke week

The excellent Dark Circle Room blog recently had a Killing Joke week, where loads of high quality video material was lovingly tracked down, converted, compiled and made available.  (Click here to see a list of them all.)

Highlights? Killing Joke have never release their promo videos, so this collection of HQ promo videos is very welcome: Continue reading

Gods & Alcoves launches, 19th December 2011

After a vast amount of effort, Gods and Alcoves launched on 19th December 2011:

When punk’s brief fire burned out, the emerging post-punk, alternative and goth bands took the punk ethos and energy in different directions. The period from 1979 – 1989 provided the richest source of music and this site is a record of the bands records, gigs, sessions and people from that golden era.

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What’s THIS for…!

UPDATE: the main site has gone live (December 19th 2011), there is more information about it here.

I’ve added a new page on the menu which outlines why this blog, or rather the site to which this blog belongs, is soon to be here:

The main Gods & Alcoves site is coming soon, and it will, hopefully, become the best goth, alternative and post-punk band resource on the web.  What makes this site different is that all of the bands featured are pulled into a common time-line – so you can browse by band (and see discographies, gigographies, radio & TV appearances and galleries) or browse by year (and see all bands’ information combined).

The site primarily covers the period from 1979 to 1989, although it includes earlier releases and gigs (for the few bands that did record or release before 1979), and it includes releases after 1989 if they contained material relevant to the era (e.g. John Peel seesions, compilation, retrospective live releases, etc.).

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