Youth discusses the new Killing Joke LP


We are now in the final stages of finishing mixing the new KJ album tentatively titled 2012. One of us wanted The Apocalypse but that was quickly vetoed.

This album has been ridiculously hard to make with sessions in Spain, Prague and England.

Once again the battles are fierce timeless quests of intention, the fighting bloody and deeply personal over the differences of opinion and direction with this monster but all agree it’s one of our best.

Yet the music came through initially very swiftly and with ease. We started in Granada earlier in the year with Jaz laying down some of the most inspired keyboards we’ve ever done, in fact I can’t think of an album where he has got more involved with the keyboards.

Later in Prague the city of Alchemists in the heart of Bohemia we laid down more new songs, overdubbed guitars and vocals ,with Geordie unleashing his acoustic side on one song Cytheria was some mighty fine acoustic pickings… good vibes and dark and rich atmospheres.

If Europe was Lord of the Rings, Prague would be Rivendale, the Fairy realm. Here they have fiercely retained their ancient Celtic cultural roots, despite being surrounded within the heart of the Teutonic Saxon Empire. There is a joy de vie here and lust for the sensual pleasures of life, poetry, drinking, music and great food… and smoking in all the bars, yeah!. Even their president was a poet and you can still find hot mead and roasting chestnuts on the cobblestone streets in winter. There is a strong matriarchal culture and the women as well as being tall and strikingly beautiful ,in an otherworldly way.They are very strong independent, confident and in command. Intoxicating.

Read (much) more on the official Killing Joke site.

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