STUNNING photos from the Cure Reflections gig at the Royal Albert Hall, Nov 15 2011

Stunning photos from photo journalist MICHAEL LEVY – photos for 22 of the mammoth 44 song set, presented beautifully.

I am a French freelance graphic designer & photographer living in Paris. I had the chance to “be there” in London, 25 years after my first Cure concert.

I was not accredited as a photographer (hopefully for the next tour !), so i just took one camera in my bag, wishing to be able to capture a few pictures for my “souvenirs”.  Most of these images were taken from my seat (Door 9, Grand tier 34), with a minimal gear : a standard zoom lens (24-105 f/4).

Seeing them now as  a kind of “photographic film” of the concert, I decided not to keep them only for my eyes.  Some will say, what the point, it is twenty times the same photo!  But the others will observe with attention the different colors, different moods, different attitudes, all the tiny details that change according to the song they play.

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