Warsaw (band) added to Gods & Alcoves

I have added Warsaw’s very brief details into Gods and Alcoves (they are the 20th band).

The Warsaw semi-official compilation LP is absolutely amazing and, if you are a fan of Joy Division (and if you’re reading this there is a good chance that you are), you need to get hold of a copy of this.

I also found this about Steve Brotherdale, the original warsaw drummer (via Erik Hogstrom’s blog from 2005):

I am getting dressed for work while listening to some 1977 punk songs by Manchester band The Panik, and it reminds me of one of modern rock’s greatest mis-calculations.

It was in July 1977 that drummer Steve Brotherdale left fledgling Manchester punk band Warsaw, jumping ship to join The Panik.

In his Joy Division history, “An Ideal for Living,” Mark Johnson relates how Brotherdale thought The Panik had much more potential than Warsaw.

“At a party in Macclesfield on 5 Aug. 1977,” Johnson writes, “Steve played a tape of The Panik’s single to (Warsaw singer) Ian Curtis, who tried to sing along with it. But Ian’s vocals were completely wrong for the fast, hard style of The Panik, and he stayed with Warsaw.”

As they say, “the rest was history,” as Warsaw evolved into Joy Division and then into New Order. The Panik merit just a single entry in George Gimarc’s “Punk Diary,” suggesting their time in the spotlight was all too brief. New Order, of course, eventually released the best-selling 12-inch single in British history and have released their eighth studio album since 1981, “Waiting for the Sirens’ Call,” earlier this year.

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