Sisters of Mercy, “Emma” live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam (soundcheck), 28th August 1983 (video)

Thanks once again to the fantastic Dark Circle Room for this gem.

I love the Sisters.  They, along with Bauhaus, define goth for me, and this crude video exposes the dirty core of goth, – it shows the inner-workings, the basic building blocks, of the seminal goth sound.

This video is a black and white handheld video of their sound check at the Paradiso, and contains one track – Emma (which must be in every single Sister’s fan’s top 5 tracks). The camera work only goes either straight up/down, or left/right – like it’s being controlled by a deranged Etch-a-Sketch fan.  If you like Emma, or old Sisters (is that Ben Gunn?) definitely check this out.  Filthy

via DARK CIRCLE ROOM: The Sisters of Mercy – Paradiso, Amsterdam (Soundcheck) – 28.08.1983 (Video).

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