Killing Joke, live at the Subterranea, Ladbroke Grove, London, 15th July 1994 (video, entire gig, 90 minutes)

I was at this show and it was mental. I have seen Killing Joke too many times to recount, but this gig sticks in the memory.  I had moved to London about a year earlier and was living less than five minutes from the Subterranea, which was a cracking little club and live venue (it is now called the Supperclub, and the pictures will give you an idea, except it was all black and industrial looking back then).

Killing Joke were touring Pandemonium and Youth was back (looking deranged with stubby beard and straggly hair). Youth was now a trance producer/DJ and promoting his trance label Dragonfly Records, and looked like he’d partied for years (for some reason he reminded me of mental version of Sandy from Monkey).

So the Subterranea is heaving, there was “extra” PA – loads of bass bins (alledgedly from the Aba Shanti Sound System), and we were fired up and down to the front.  Everything was already LOUD but when Youth plugged in his bass and hit a note the sound was VIOLENT.

Jaz came on with what looked like washing up liquid bottles and sprayed the front of the audience with red paint (or pig’s blood, according to the press).  And they had a fire-eater/performance artist (indeed!) wandering round being mental (alledgedly there was damage to the lights and PA from the flames, and wrists were slapped).

And the other day I found the video below – the entire Subterranea gig filmed from the balcony.  I haven’t watched it yet (and this is not my favourite album by a long chalk), but the vibe is spot-on.

If anyone has a setlist, or fancies generating one for me, I’ll add it to the post – cheers!

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