The Cure – “Early BBC Sessions 1979-1985” double LP has landed

Update: a full review of this LP can be found here…

I had heard a lot about a recent Cure bootleg entitled “Early BBC Sessions 1979-1985”, a double LP containing a mix of session material from John Peel, Kid Jensen and Richard Skinner, plus some TV.  It is generally available – I bought a copy from the excellent Piccadilly Records – and it arrived today.  Apparently, the audio quality is fantastic, but the vinyl really is fantastic – purple and grey splatter effect!  I will review it after I get a chance to listen.

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8 thoughts on “The Cure – “Early BBC Sessions 1979-1985” double LP has landed

      1. Did you ever write a review for this? I just grabbed a copy for my girlfriend and want to make sure it was a good buy.

  1. Thanks – I heard (many times) that a Cure BBC box set (like the banshees’) was in the pipeline so I’m reluctant to invest for now….. but I totally agree with you about the Pornography Peel session – never bettered! Really want hard copy of that. And Hanging Garden was never broadcast, I think.

    1. I have heard the rumours as well. I get the impression that Robert Smith is systematically releasing the Cure’s back catalogue – not just “official releases” – and I would be amazed if a complete BBC recording box set did not appear.

      I didn’t realise that the Cure recorded Hanging Garden and then not release it for the Peel session. Maybe that will also appear!

  2. yep – it’s odd that they’re just about the only band among their “peers” (Banshees, Bauhaus, Joy Division/New Order etc) who’ve never released their BBC output so hopefully it will happen one day soon. There’s too little of their peak 80-81-82 era available with good quality audio!

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