“Fear of a black-clad planet” – the Sisters of Mercy at 30

An intersting article on the Sisters 30th anniversary.

For me, it was always about the Sisters. In the mid-eighties when on any given night you could catch a three band bill of black-clad patchouli pushers for less than a fiver, it was the Sisters of Mercy that had my undivided attention. Even though they’d split in 1985 their influence was wide-spread – even the Hertfordshire suburb I hailed from had its own version in the Fields of the Nephilim. I would wonder, as I stood in venues now long gone, if the rest of the audience were only there because of the association to the Sisters. It seemed the closer the band had been to the source, the bigger their draw. The Mission contained two ex-members, Ghost Dance had one, whereas Salvation had released records on the Sisters’ Merciful Release label. One of the Batfish Boys had also released singles on Merciful Release. But no one ever went to see the Batfish Boys.

via Fear of a black-clad planet – The Sisters of Mercy at 30 | Louder Than War.

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