Punk! Lives magazine – “the unacceptable face of modern music” – all 11 magazines available online

I can’t find a great deal of information about this magazine, but it was published in 1982/3 and deals with the then current crop of punk bands – Exploited, GBH, Vice Squad the Damned, Vice Squad, Dead Kennedys, Discharge, etc.

It’s got loads of interviews, single & LP reviews and loads of colour posters (bizarrely, all looking very bright and top of the pops-y).

I stumbled upon oldpunks.com and they have a link to a download of good quality scans of all 11 magazines.  But there are other ways of getting it – issue one (only) is available as an e-book (a good place to start), and issues one, three, four, eight, nine and ten are on Facebook.

There is also a fair cross-over with the post-punk and goth scene – here is some of the stuff I found after a quick look (the number is the issue number):

  1. Theatre of Hate interview & poster, UK Decay interview, Killing Joke poster [Facebook] [e-book]
  2. Killing Joke interview, Siouxsie interview
  3. UK Decay interview [Facebook]
  4. Sex Gang Children poster, Sisters review, Southern Death Cult poster [Facebook]
  5. Xmal Deutschland gig review
  6. Alien Sex Fiend interview, Siouxsie poster, Birthday Party interview, Nick Cave poster
  7. New Model Army interview, Creatures/UK Decay LP reviews
  8. Southern Death Cult review, Alien Sex Fiend poster [Facebook]
  9. Alien Sex Fiend review [Facebook]
  10. David J/Play Dead/UK Decay reviews, Xmal poster [Facebook]
  11. Death Cult /Xmal review, Skeletal Family interview

4 thoughts on “Punk! Lives magazine – “the unacceptable face of modern music” – all 11 magazines available online

  1. i have all the magazines apart from the first mag with sid on the front if only i could get my hands on that to complete the collection, i know its been a long time and probably be ver hard to find, unless someone is selling on ebay or something, im cumming up to 52 so i remember the first time this mag came out, and i still enjoy all that stuff.

  2. I have just been looking at this page and I have got all 11 copies of this magazine in absolute mint condition in purpose built file in the loft.

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