“Undead, Undead, Undead” – gothic rock article from 1994

Here’s an interesting article on the genesis, death and re-birth of gothic rock, from “Alternative Press”, November 1994 issue, by Dave Thompson and Jo-Ann Greene.

At the end of the day, we spoke with a lot of very self-respecting people, but not a single Goth In fact, it was all beginning to feel like a bad night in an opium den. Maybe we dreamt it all — the swirling black dresses, the long, teased rats nest hairdos, the overabundant eyeliner and lipstick, the bone earrings and belts, the death-pale faces. But no, they were real enough, and there were crowds of them, shrouding the clubs in London in murky gloom, staring at the stage… But at whom did they stare? At all those self-respecting bands, of course, not of whom were gothic.

via A Study of Gothic Subculture – News Articles – Undead Undead Undead.

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