Killing Joke rarities – demos 2001-2003 and an 80 minute mix of rare and unreleased tracks

Another batch of interesting Killing Joke rarities from the ever-enjoyable Dark Circle Room, but these are probably for die-hard fans only.

The first is a collection of demos and rare tracks from their second eponymous LP (2003).  I like these a lot – there seems to be more energy in them than in the “proper” versions (but demos tend to retain a raw/exciting edge through the nature of mixing track quickly – less polish).  I especially like the instrumental demos.

  • 2001  Demos
  • Loose Cannon
  • Future Shock
  • Silent Rage
  • 2003 Instrumental Demos
  • Seeing Red
  • Universe B
  • Blood On Your Hands
  • Zennon
  • Unknown
  • Loose Cannon
  • The House That Pain Built
  • 2003 Rare Tracks
  • Inferno
  • Zennon
  • Wardance (Ultimate Version)

The second batch is an 80 minute mix of rare songs.  The first six tracks are really old and, although they have a really rough audio-quality, they form part of the KJ musical tapestry.

  1. Killer Dub
  2. Clarendon Jam Woo Woo
  3. WW1 Chant
  4. Today Is Forever
  5. The Hive
  6. Nervous Chaos
  7. Hallucinations Of A Cynic
  8. HollywoodBabylon
  9. Four Stations Of The Sun (Original)
  10. Blue Feather (Vocal Mix)
  11. Futureshock
  12. Afterburner
  13. Silent Rage
  14. Drug
  15. Loose Cannon (2001 Demo)
  16. Seeing Red (Demo)
  17. Universe B (Demo)
  18. Asteroid (My Version)

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