Killing Joke – “MMXII” (2012) LP official track previews, and Colony Collapse in full

Update: click here for the full album review, and all the tracks on YouTube.

You can now have a taste of ‘MMXII’ via this exclusive album teaser. Understand the great washes of sound – the death disco with huge slabs of guitar that soundtrack these dangerous times – in it’s fullest by ordering the record now from

This is the classic Killing Joke line-up, with a classic Killing Joke sound… needless to say, this is a classic Killing Joke album.

I also found a video for Colony Collapse on YouTube, and have added the videos for In Cythera and Rapture as well at the bottom of the post.

Album tasters

Here is the tracklisting – the bold tracks are included below in full:

  1. Pole Shift
  2. Fema Camp
  3. Rapture
  4. Colony Collapse
  5. Corporate Elect
  6. In Cythera
  7. Primobile
  8. Glitch
  9. Trance
  10. On All Hallow’s Eve

Colony Collapse (audio only)

Rapture (audio only)

In Cythera (official music video)

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