Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman talks MMXII, track-by-track

Update: click here for the full album review, and all the tracks on YouTube.

A brilliant read from the Skinny – a track by track run down of the new LP, MMXII.  If you haven’t been here before, welcome to the world of Jaz Coleman.

1. Pole Shift

I think most people will be familiar with the concept of what a pole shift is, which has happened on our planet so many times. If you look at the historian Herodotus who went to Egypt and talked to the priests there, they told him that the sun had changed from rising in the east to rising in the west four times in their history; we’re due for another one.

The earth’s geomagnetic current is diminishing in power; the worry is that this is a prelude to a complete pole flip. Magnetic north, you see, is meant to be moving at a rate of two inches every ten years, right now it’s moving at 70km a year. It has left Canada and is now hurtling towards Siberia as we speak.

The outcome of a flip would mean that the earth would stop going one way, the stars would stand still, then it would move the other way – causing massive earth displacement, which is like the rocks moving underneath the carpet really fast. If you could imagine the kind of tidal waves that would probably take out most of the coastal cities, meaning that the only real safe places on the planet would be somewhere high above sea level, presumably.

The thing about a diminishing magnetic field is that, we’re at 0.005 gauss, and if it gets to 0 gauss on planet Earth – they’ve done tests on what happens to cosmonauts and astronauts under these conditions and it produces random aggression and madness basically. So if you think about places like Cairo, where the great marker peg of the pyramid is, you can see that something abnormal is happening.

Besides all this, what’s happening at the moment is you’re getting whole groups of people waking up to the reality of our economic and banking systems that we’ve had in place for hundreds of years. Like this Occupy Wall Street movement – the dissent that’s growing across the globe, you can see a polarization of values. I think that speculation on extreme life extinction is a waste of time, but what’s really happening is a major shift in our values. The things that are dear to us these days – this ‘me’ generation, everybody wanting iPhones, material things and more wages – we need a revolution of the heart.

To move away from this mode we need to activate the right side of the cerebral hemisphere. We’ve got materialist mode on at the moment, and if we continue going down this path, within seven years we’ll need a new planet that we can rape for resources. So the whole idea of economic growth – it’s a redundant concept. We should be looking at sustainability and the wellbeing of the human condition above anything. I’m absolutely not a capitalist, I’m not a Marxist either. But I am a communist when it comes down to equal opportunities, divisions of the spoils, I believe that food and water is a human right. It’s not just for the rich.

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