Fields of the Nephilim – “Ceromonies” live DVD and CD

Well, well, well the Neff are back. And I mean “the Fields of the Nephilim” – the first lot (even though I think only Carl McCoy remains from the original line-up)  – not “the Nefilim” or “the Nephilim”.  It gets confusing.

I quite liked the Neff early on – Laura, Dawnrazor, Preacher Man.  I didn’t think I’d ever see a more theatrical band in my life than Bauhaus, but McCoy, dressed in pure spaghetti western, cat’s eye contacts and covered in flour was a sight.

Anyway, they’re back with a double CD and DVD combo called “Ceromonies”, with a sold out super-deluxe box-set version for £100.  Their much later stuff was (apparently) more industrial, and a preview track (video inside!) is definitiely heavier.

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