The Cure live on the Oxford Road Show, April 1983 – The Figurehead and One Hundred Years

Here are a couple of curios for you – thanks to Simon for sending them in.  Here is the Cure performing “One Hundred Years” and “The Figurehead” live on the Oxford Road Show in April 1983.  What’s odd is the personnel:

Between March and May, Siouxsie and Budgie were busy recording as The Creatures so Severin and Smith took the opportunity to collaborate as The Glove, a manic psychedelic pastiche named after the murder mitten in The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”. Smith was reluctant to sing so Zoo dancer Jeanette Landray was drafted in to front what he referred to as “cultivated madness” and “a mental assault course”. While they were ingesting all manner of chemicals and watching film after film on video, trying to recapture the after-images in the studio, The Cure, who didn’t actually exist, were offered a spot on “The Oxford Roadshow”. Smith swiftly rounded up Tolhurst, Andy Anderson from Brilliant on drums and Derek Thompson from SPK on bass and the makeshift band played “100 Years” and “Figurehead” from “Pornography”, Smith so enthralled by singing again that he decided to resume recording as The Cure.

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