30 years ago, May 1982 – Siouxsie and the Banshees “Fireworks” single & Kid Jensen session

Odd one this.  Siouxsie and the Banshees, like many bands at that time, were prone to putting out singles between LPs, which were only released on compilation LPs, or as bonus tracks.  “Fireworks” – released 30 years ago this month – is such a track, released between Juju and a Kiss in the Dreamhouse (both are epic goth powerhouses!).

What is odd is that this track, thematically, is similar to Dreamhouse, yet they chose not to include it on the LP.  The Banshees were chameleon-like – they would change the flavour of their sound as they changed personnel and mood, but Dreamhouse moved the sound from the dark to the slightly not-so-dark as it added layers of strings and backing vocals.  Lush production.  Good single, great packaging.

Also oddly, the Banshees also recorded a session for David “Kid” Jensen (Radio One) this month, which included three tracks from the upcoming (although 5 months away) Kiss in the Dreamhouse, but not Fireworks –

  1. Green Fingers
  2. Painted Bird
  3. Cascade

A stunning session, full of energy and drive, and definitely edgier than the Dreamhouse equivalents.

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Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Fireworks”, 1982

The body is wrapped is shadow,
the face is built of cinders,
and panic tears thro’ your silhouette,
as your squeezed by burning fingers,
and he’s crackling in our colours,
with teeth of gelignite,
when he sighs his song and pirouettes,
through a dance of dynamite.

We are fireworks – slowly, glowing,
bold and bright,
We are fireworks – burning shapes,
into the night.

His fuel is our frustration,
and dreams begin to ache,
and all the while we wear a party smile,
and happily we shiver,
happily we shake,
Oh shake, shake, shake.

We are fireworks – slowly, glowing,
bold and bright,
We are fireworks – burning shapes,
into the night.

Twist and turn – burn, burn, burn
Twist and turn – burn, baby, burn

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