30 years ago, May 1982 – 1919’s first Peel session

1919 went under the radar largely, especially if you were not around during their all-to-brief tenure.

Like Play Dead, 1919 feasted, nay gorged, themselves on the Killing Joke sound and cast themselves in that image.  And the scene was all the better for it.  If you are not familiar with 1919 I strongly recommend their “complete collection” CD which has everything released (but not the sessions).

Of course John Peel got on board and had the boys in and they recorded five tracks:

  1. After the Fall
  2. Caged
  3. The Ritual
  4. Slave
  5. Repulsion

I cannot track down a copy of this session, so I cannot really comment, but it would have been good.  I bought a rarities tape from one of the 1919 band members via mail order – 60 mins of really good quality out-takes and demos and, I think the sessions were on there.  Time to blow off the dust and dig into the tape boxes.  From Chain DLK:

The first release was a double A side 7 inch single with “Repulsion” and “Tear down these walls” It was a white label and we just stamped “Take it or leave it” on it because we did not really care, and sent it out to various radio stations and Magazine/fanzines. It was a limited edition and only 500 were pressed. The sound then was the embryonic 1919 sound we had not found are darker niche, but I love the two tracks. Of course John Peel loved it and he came up to where we lived in Yorkshire (his wife’s mother lived nearby)And we had a drink and that is when offered us the first Peel session. At this time we rehearsed very hard and there was a lot of youthful enthusiasm.

Stick this in your post-apocalyptic pipe and have a deep toke:

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