Interview with Killing Joke’s Big Paul Ferguson, September 2004

Excellent interview with Big Paul Ferguson from Killing Joke from September 2004.  Old (the article, that is), but worth a read.

[the Matt Stagger band] wasn’t my first band, but it was the first touring band. The first band that was doing proper gigs as opposed to playing at the village hall kinda thing. So, I said to Jaz, “We need a keyboard player. Why don’t you come and audition for Matt Stagger?”

I’m not sure of the timeframe, but Jaz was playing with some guys also, and we thought I’d go and play with them too. It ended up being Jaz and I completely jamming and getting off on each other and the other guys just left the room. So we thought, “oh well we’ve got something here, so let’s do it”.

And Jaz didn’t really get on so well with The Matt Stagger thing, ‘cos he didn’t have the reggae kind’ve feel. But, we wanted to play together, so that’s when we started talking about how we were going to go do our own thing. And you know…that’s kinda where it started.

via Flaming Pablum: Interview with Big Paul Ferguson, September 4, 2004.

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