Top of the Pops from 25 years ago re-running on BBC4, Thursdays at 7.30, and iPlayer

Top of the Pops was largely awful, but its longevity means it provides a fantastically consistent and relevant point of reference for popular (chart) music since the 1960s.

The Beeb, God bless her, are re-running TOTP in real-time, but 25 years ago!  It’s on BBC4 on (alternate?) Thursdays at 7.30, but it is also available on iPlayer.

So this week’s (20 May 2012) episode is from 28 April 1977, and has the catastrophic line-up of Rags (who?), Kiki Dee, Billy Ocean, Barry Biggs, Joe Tex, Barbara Streisand, 10cc and Abba.  But 1977 is the year punk really kicked off in the UK, and from the end of this year there will be a dribble of decent content,and within five years it’ll be worth watching every week!

Get an iPlayer account and add TOTP to your favourites.  It will then prompt you when each new episode becomes available, and it also details who will be on.

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