The Cure, great article on “the Top” at Unfinished Line

Great article on one of my favourite Cure LPs – the Top – on the Unfinished Line:

Somehow, “The Top” has gone down in history as one of The Cure’s minor works, but that is unfair.  Perhaps because there was only one hit single – the dreamy folk pop of “The Caterpillar”, a trip down the rabbit-hole that’s both irresistibly catchy and laden with opium smoke.   It’s pure imagination on a grand scale for a pop song, with bits of textures and sound that ornament a campfire sing along on acid.   It’s impossible to credit that only a couple of years earlier, Robert Smith’s band was churning out a soul-searingly bleak album like “Pornography”, a collection of songs as unforgiving and harsh as any released in the rock era.   A wailing wall of towering rage and hopelessness.   “The Caterpillar” is another universe entirely, but just as manic and disturbed in its way.

via The Unfinished Line: The Cure: “The Top”.

(via the ever-spinning, fantastical Chain of Flowers)

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