Killing Joke’s Youth blog “Lord of the flies …..only on a bus”

More genius from Youth as he documents the European Killing Joke tour:

Me and Geordie have been blasting the tunes in the back of the bus loud in to the night, the bus has a  great pounding sound system which drowns out the sound of the air-con fans and the traffic, lots of Trance and from X Dream to Deadmaus, classics like Funkadelic, ZZ Top, John Bonham, Scratch and even Bad Company.

Tom, our drum tech and myself would play DJ ping pong, we would have Doom rock/Black metal  vs Stoner rock battles, Gogoroth to Floor,  the drone rock of Om and Earth, Sleep to Kyuss.

Both Big Paul and Jaz are now really digging Om  ….and some bubbling Berlin minimal techno and of course the Krautrock or its correct title “Komiche ” is working  well racing up the Autobahn, great to see Geordie slapping his knees and hollering in deep pleasure, like a cross between Hank Williams and Chuck Berry.

much, much, more at Killing Joke European Tour blog 2012 Part 2 Lord of the flies …..only on a bus « cultofyouth.

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