Youth tells us about life before Killing Joke

Excellent article from Youth on life before Killing Joke from Louder Than War:

That night I copped off with a girl who worked at the DHSS (the dole office), I lost my virginity that night. It was strange experience. I had been waiting to lose it for what seemed like an eternity, and here I was with this older, more experienced civil servant with liquorice glasses. We got stuck in on a mattress on the floor in a quieter room while the party raged next door. What I remember was all I could think about was what Peter Parker had told me at school when he had claimed he had lost his virginity- “Feels like sticking your finger into a pot of jam” he had said and it did too, but before I had even got it in, I had thought it was in and had started thrashing around when she exclaimed “Eee its not even in yet ! ”

via Before Killing Joke, Youth tells us about his whole adventure in punk rock – Louder Than War.

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