The strange and wonderful word of Gary Numan – Telegraph article

Cracking article in today’s Torygraph – Gary Numan talks about his daily routine, flying around the world in his Piper Navajo, stuffed wolves and fantasy swords… naturally!


I don’t approve of hunting animals and selling them as trophies so it was hypocritical of me to buy this stuffed wolf (pictured above). But I saw it outside a souvenir shop at Anchorage airport in Alaska on my way back from a tour of America in the early 1980s, and some kids were hanging off its neck. I decided I could give him a better resting place. I lived in a different house then, with a massive front room, and my intention was to paint an Alaskan skyline on one wall and put the wolf in front on a raised platform. I never did that and now we use him as a burglar deterrent – he sits at the bottom of the stairs. He cost about $1,000 and twice as much to ship home.


I collect fantasy swords, replicas from films, and have them displayed on the wall as you go up the stairs. Gemma has bought most of them for me for birthday and Christmas presents. The first one she gave me, which is my favourite, is Conan’s (pictured above). It is very cool and has a secret dagger in the hilt.

via World of Gary Numan, musician – Telegraph.

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