Killing Joke, live at the Phoenix Festival, Stratford Upon Avon, 17th July 1994 (video, entire gig, 48 minutes)

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t at the Phoenix Festival in 1994.  My main reasoning for this is that I was at Phoenix in 1993 – its inaugural year, and it was shit.  I would rather be sodden and mud-caked at Reading – and covered in my own vomit – than go back to Phoenix. You know, if I had to choose.  I don’t think that anyone was surprised that it didn’t make a third year.

In 1994 Killing Joke played Phoenix – in the bright daylight – and today I came across a link to the entire gig – shot professionally – and ripped from a VHS via a foreign broadcast… looks and sounds pretty good though!

  1. Communion
  2. Wardance
  3. Pandemonium
  4. Change
  5. Exorcism
  6. Requiem
  7. Love Like Blood
  8. Mathematics Of Chaos
  9. Pssyche

If you like this, the warm up gig was at the Subterranea, Ladbroke Grove two days earlier and here’s a link to the entire 90 minute show.

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