Gary Numan to release new live DVD & double CD, “Big Noise Transmission” (includes trailer video)

From Gazza himself:

Gary Numan will release a new live CD, DVD and limited edition book/CD ‘Big Noise Transmission’ on August 20th 2012. Recorded at the HMV Ritz, Manchester in December 2011, ‘Big Noise Transmission’ features Numan and his band at their most intense, with the DVD’s aesthetics capturing the power, experimental textures and audio quality of the singer’s recent ‘Dead Son Rising’ album perfectly. Numan’s stage is blitzed with light – strobes being used like weapons for the set’s biggest anthems. At other times, everything fades, almost to blackout, with the viewer sucked into the darkness for a few moments before the heavy light-assault explodes into life again. Then cut to the images on the screen as each track is illustrated with slogans, graphics and burnt-out, degraded films. The atmosphere created by the audience is fantastic too, right from the opening classic ‘Down In The Park’ – a highlight for most artists’ sets – but for Numan, this is just the start. The set also features classic tracks such as ‘Films’, ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric? and ‘I Die: You Die’. Dead Son Rising was a very special tour and Big Noise Transmission is a fantastic document of one of Numan’s finest shows.

‘Big Noise Transmission’ is available via the Official Numan Store in 3 formats – a 20-track PAL DVD; a deluxe, limited edition book with a double CD of the whole concert and also as a stand-alone double CD album.

See the Numan site for more information and how to pre-order/buy!

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