Killing Joke part way with the Cult and Mission shows

Not content with downsizing the Cult, Mission and Killing Joke tour, it now looks like the  shows may be off, but, either way, Jaz aint happy, and Killing Joke are off the tour!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the cancellation of the upcoming gigs with The Cult and The Mission.  Frankly, playing at a gig with The Cult never appealed to me in the first place. The only reason we allowed ourselves to be talked into it was to blow both bands off the stage and to steal their respective audiences.

As the concert has been downgraded to a venue that we have recently headlined (and sold out) it doesn’t make sense. In addition to this Gatherers would only get to listen to a one hour set.  Then there would be a problem with the dressing room and witnessing The Cult charge the fans $200 per head for a Meet & Greet.  Lastly, all their songs suck! They clearly have no integrity (they refer to their hometown as L.A.).

On a more positive note KJ will be recording in Argentina just after Christmas and Brixton Academy is booked for Spring.  I do believe the band will play a private gig at Metropolis Studios (London) which is of course open to all Gatherers (you are the first to know!).

I hope you are all as relieved as I am!

Black Jester

PS I don’t want your money
PPS Life without KJ is unthinkable!

2 thoughts on “Killing Joke part way with the Cult and Mission shows

  1. Killing Joke fans are almost certainly going to be more embarrassed than relieved by yet another instance of prima donna behaviour. Just play the bloody gig if you’ve agreed to it, what’s the worst thing that’d happen?

    The pansies aren’t coming!

  2. Gutted if only because we’d have been out of the venue straight after the KJ set in time to get to the pub. Bought our tickets after the venue moved, reckon they’ll be hard to shift (any takers?!). I saw the Mission at Reading with KJ in ’86 and they were dreadful. Last saw (Death) Cult at Futurama Leeds in ’83 with KJ and they were awful.

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