Killing Joke announce “exclusive” gig, Metropolis Studios, London, September 8th – at £200 a ticket!!!

The Killing Joke Facebook page announced today that the boys, after pulling out of the Cult/Mission tour, are gonna hold a small gathering… at £200 per ticket!  The general feedback from the faithfull seems to run aalong thr lines of “let me dig our those Age of Greed lyrics and have another looksie!”.  Hmmmmm.  Odd move, could be ill-judged.

FTZZZZZZZZ – coming back onto your radar, we’ve got some news from HQ. We’ve confirmed a new London show on Saturday September 8th. It’s at the rather intimate, very special Metropolis Studios in London. This is a truly one of a kind Killing Joke performance in front of cameras, with a full VIP experience, complimentary drinks, and a chance to all unwind together after the show. You’ll receive a personal lanyard pass and your name on the credits of the show’s DVD as well. What better way to come together. Regards.

via Facebook.

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