Gary Numan, Q&A – iPads apps and tour details, among other things…

From the official site, Gary’s monthly question & answer session:

The lovely people at Artrocker Magazine are going to be publishing an iPad Gary Numan special edition. As part of that will be a free download of remixes of Dead Son Rising done by some extremely cool people. We are then going to add a number of new songs and release it as the Dead Moon Falling CD album.

Also, we will be releasing the single called ‘Petals’ before the tour. This is a collaboration project between me and ‘Officers’ who are supporting us again in December. ‘Petals’ is a great track, written by ‘Officers’, that I have done a guest vocal on. This track will also be added to the Dead Moon Falling CD I believe.

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The Cure at Reading Festival 2012, two hours and 10 minutes on YouTube [and audio only version]

As we have chatted about before, the mighty Cure played Reading and Leeds Festivals this summer (2012, and by summer I of course mean monsoon) and lots of the Reading set was shown on the BBC – most of which has inevitably turned up on YouTube.

The setlist isn’t bad – some (relatively) obscure tracks and a romp through the singles, then a great encore (which also had, apparently, the first ever UK airing of “Just One Kiss” – a personal favourite, especially the 12″ version).

Naturally, being the BBC, the sound and the mix is very good, and the direction is also top notch.

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Short Nick Cave interview about “Lawless”

An all too short interview with Nick Cave on the film Lawless for which he wrote the screenplay and the soundtrack (co-written with Warren Ellis).

One of the most memorable moments in the film is when the audience hears Cave’s version of Lou Reed’s White Light, White Heat done with vocals by the legendary Ralph Stanley (vocalist from O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack).

“Ralph had heard our versions of the song that we played and we wanted him to sing on top of these versions,” Cave recalled.

“He had this guitarist with him and Ralph didn’t really speak to us, he just sat there.

We asked, ‘Could you just sing this part in C.’ The guitarist said, ‘Ralph don’t do C.’ We asked, ‘Could you do it in 4/4 then?’ ‘Ralph don’t do 4/4.’

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Bauhaus’ David J teams with McKenna Frazer for her debut single

This is interesting, Davis J teams up with McKenna Frazer, and they release his old single “I’ll Be Your Chauffeur” – which she found in her dad’s record collection.  Ouch.

McKenna Frazer’s debut single is a cover of Bauhaus’ David J’s “I’ll Be Your Chauffeur” which was recording in collaboration with J and Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza and the story of how that happened is quite the tale. Her camp sent it over:

San Francisco native, 18-year old McKenna Frazer is charming, talented, driven, adventurous, and loves to give back. She is also an avid music lover. And it doesn’t hurt that David J, renowned artist and founding member of the rock band Bauhaus, is her biggest advocate.

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Porl Thompson’s “Carter Instruments Hybrid 8” on eBay

Here’s an interesting one.  This was listed, but didn’t sell, on Ebay recently. It’s a hybrid six string guitar and 2 string bass, with some hammers, which can also be used as dampers if necessary.

Carter Custom Instruments make guitars, basses and other custom instruments, including the Hybrid Eight.  From the Ebay page (more photos below):

Carter instruments are hand made in the States.  His custom instruments start at $3,500 but what makes this one special is its provenance.  

I contacted Jeremy Carter who told me it was eighth instrument he made and was given to Robert Smith (of the Cure) as part of an endorsement deal.  It was then was passed onto Porl Thompson.

The guitar has six standard electrics strings and two bass strings.  The unique feature of the instrument is certainly the eight damper/strikers, which, as the name  implies, are used for both striking and dampening the stings.  

They are most effective for either a percussive style when striking (especially with a lot of distortion) and dampening (removing)  individual notes from a sustaining chord which gives the instrument an unique tone.

The fingerboard on the neck is very curved so when playing the higher 6 ” electric ” strings it feels like an standard guitar.

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Killing Joke 2012, volume 10, the Cult give Killing Joke “time” over furore

Yowzer.  The Killing Joke 2012 story moves into double figures. Chapter 10 sees the Cult giving the boys some breathing space, and extending what appears to be a olive branch, maybe allowing Jaz to remove his foot from his mouth and, potentially, allow Jaz to remove hi size fourteens from his mouth!

Could the tour be back on?

The Cult are deliberately avoiding saying much about the recent jibes at them attributed to Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman.  And Ian Astbury says his band are allowing time for Coleman’s outfit to get their house in order.

Controversy erupted in July after a post appeared on KJ’s Facebook page ahead of the band’s planned tour with the Cult and the Mission.  The announcement, soon deleted, said: “It gives me great pleasure to announce the cancellation of the upcoming gigs. Playing with The Cult never appealed to me in the first place. They clearly have no integrity (they refer to their home town as LA).”

The band quickly distanced themselves from the statement, and said that Coleman had gone AWOL. He re-appeared a fortnight later, claiming he hadn’t been missing and promoting  new projects in the same announcement, leading to anger from fans who suspected it had all been a publicity stunt.

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The Cure at Reading Festival, live on BBC (and the red button)

Update: Two hours and ten minutes of the excellent BBC coverage is up on YouTube.

The Cure are currently marauding their way through Europe on a festival tour. Their next port of call is the Reading festival over this coming bank holiday weekend, where they are headlining on Friday. The BBC and its excellent red button service will be showing tons of festival goodies, a big chunk of the Cure’s set. the ever-tuned-in Chain of Flowers as a thread running on just where that your goodies may lie.

Radio Times lists two sections of The Cure’s set at reading next Friday. It says BBC 3 will show an hour from 2100 bst (1600 eastern) and then more from 2330 bst combined with the Maccabees. But it suggests the whole of the show might be available on the red button!!

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