Peter Murphy interviewed about the Olympics, Bauhaus and Twilight

As much as I love Pete Murphy and Bauhaus, he does talk some crap.  Good interview in the Las Vegas Weekly, but, please, less of the “I never considered Bauhaus Goth” stuff (said as he was applying his eyeliner, pulling up his leggings and putting on his heels)

I never considered Bauhaus Goth. Remember, the culture was germinated after by such bands who were kind of copyists almost. Sisters of Mercy, that stuff and Alien Sex Fiend and all those kids, they kind of spawned out of a spark that I think we kicked ass at. But it was only one element of what I do, I’m more of a theatrical. I’m one of those one-off’s I think. I’m like a Mick Jagger. I’m more like a Doors, Morrison or Jagger, Sinatra, those people. But I do think that I can make a dance record and it’ll be good, hopefully, I mean if I make it well, of course. I think what I’ve got is very rare, and it’s a great voice and lyricism.

And I am one of those people who tend to be overlooked. They called me the new Bowie in 1980 and I’m like, “F*ck that.” I thought, “No way.” Ya know? Great respect. But actually it’s true in a way, but I don’t think I’ve reached that point of mass recognition, in the way you might have expected to.

via Chatting with Peter Murphy about the Olympics, Bauhaus and ‘Twilight’ – Las Vegas Weekly.

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