Killing Joke 2012, volume 7, Exclusive Metropolis gig cancelled

Killing Joke’s exclusive gig at Metropolis studios has been cancelled:

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the Killing Joke VIP concert at Metropolis Studios on September 8th is cancelled.

We received notice from management early Monday August 6th.

All ticket holders will receive a full refund.

Metropolis Studios

No doubt, there is more to come….

Previously, in Killing Joke 2012…

  1. it started with the Cult, Mission & Killing Joke proposed stadium tour
  2. then the tour’s been downsized
  3. then the tour’s off, or at least Killing Joke are out, and KJ’s Facebook page gets nasty to Astbury!
  4. then there’s an exclusive gig at £200 per ticket… not received too well by the fans
  5. then there’s an apology about the FB stuff
  6. then no-one new anything the Facebook stuff about it and Jaz has disappeared

2 thoughts on “Killing Joke 2012, volume 7, Exclusive Metropolis gig cancelled

  1. Not content with winning a new young generation of fans and keeping at least two existing fanbase generations happy together combined with continuing to influence both mainstream and edge of centre rock/ metal , KJ also known as Coleman , decide in unbelievable arrogance that they are not worthy of the up and coming concerts. Never mind the KJ fans who actually might like any other band on the itinerary or bought the tickets for friends or as presents. No – don’t worry about that because in the world of Coleman you commit first and if you don’t like it then you just pull out and stuff everyone else. Rather bored of this nonsense now. Should have stayed in Iceland. I personally don’t care if you like the other bands or not. You think about the people who buy your records and go and support you rather than your own obviously exceptionally petty rivalries with other bands and the size of your ego in relation to size of venue etc.

    Time to go off and watch Metric or British Sea Power or any other band who at least honour their gigs. This was brewing for quite a while but it is galling nonetheless. Apologists for KJ need not respond to this post.

  2. I would be keen to know what the root of the issue is here. I don’t believe it is because of the opening slot – they would have known that for as long as the tour had been arranged. I think something else – which we’ll probably never know about – has influenced this. Sit happens, and man, there are some egos at work among the players in those three bands.

    Also, Facebook has been a contributing factor here. Whoever posts the badly constructed KJ Facebook messages needs to PAUSE before they hit send. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Hasty words, misinterpreted, real-time sharing and BANG it generates a big noise. And it should be doubly painful for KJ as their HARDCORE fans are in and amongst this, and feeling very pissed off.

    KJ will always be chaotic – let’s face it, tit’s part of the charm, and I am going to sit back, light a fat one, and watch the fireworks…. Take a seat!!!

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