Killing Joke 2012, volume 9, “Okay. So let’s get some stuff straight…”

From Facebook…

Okay. So let’s get some stuff straight so we can all get on with whatever it is we all do.

This whole tour situation has left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth and we can only apologise to anyone who bought tickets specifically to see us. We are working on a way of making sure we make it up to all of you so please keep your ticket Stubbs for the dates and we will do out best to make amends.

Part of what makes this band what it is is the chaos that surrounds us all and we are unpredictable at best. If you understand our band you will also understand that the recent comings and goings are just another day in the Chaos Office. That said people parting with hard earned and not getting to see us is shitty and like I say we will make amends.


The live album in all it’s guises has now been delivered to everyone (the last 30 were just sent) and as normal there were some issues. However, Pledge is not Amazon or HMV it’s not instant gratification. It is a way for bands like Ours to make one off special items that in this day and age don’t have the commercial value or are relatively low print run enough that selling through 3rd party retailers would not really allow (rough trade and amoeba aside).

So when you order through Pledge your paying for the creation as well as for the product. This it can take a while to get delivered as in most cases it’s not in existence when you order. The reason we printed everyone’s names who bought one in the inside is that they all made the record as much as we did. Sadly however pressing plants etc just fucked us around for a very long time and your shit got delayed……. Now it’s there most people seem to dig it though.

Things like the DUB album that Youth has as put together and Jaz’s autobiography and symphony probably wouldn’t come to light without using Pledge or a Similar system so if your into what we do and

You don’t mind a Few months wait for unique things we do buy em, if it’s too much of a pain in the ass for you to wait, don’t buy because there ain’t anything we can do about it.


These shows were set up by an old colleague of the band whom simply put puts on tiny shows at a high ticket price throws in booze and grub etc and a bunch of other stuff and films it and sells it to TV companies etc. we agreed to do it simply to do some Rehersals prior to the Cult tour. The shows would have paid for our Rehersals/flights etc and would have served as warm ups. When the Cult tour was obviously getting on shaky ground we pulled these two shows. Not ago against the idea in principle and if you can afford the ticket the experience is a good un regardless who your going to see. But we are not doing them so It doesn’t matter.

I know there will be the inevitable round of complaints and incredulity attached to this post but all we can do is tell you as the cards fall.  We are what we are and that probably explains why we never became Rich and famous eh?!

Take it or leave it that’s where we are at.

KJ 2012

Previously, in Killing Joke 2012…

  1. it started with the Cult, Mission & Killing Joke proposed stadium tour
  2. then the tour’s been downsized
  3. then the tour’s off, or at least Killing Joke are out, and KJ’s Facebook page gets nasty to Astbury!
  4. then there’s an exclusive gig at £200 per ticket… not received too well by the fans
  5. then there’s an apology about the FB stuff
  6. then no-one new anything the Facebook stuff about it and Jaz has disappeared
  7. then the Metropolis gig is cancelled
  8. then Jaz is found alive and well in the Sahara, natch

2 thoughts on “Killing Joke 2012, volume 9, “Okay. So let’s get some stuff straight…”

  1. I reckon Jaz buggered off to “the Sahara” or whereever to escape the Olympics and the rumoured New World Order takeover via the staging of a fake alien invasion. When that failed to materialise, he reappeared. Is there any word on the shade of red on his face when he did? Don’t hold your breath for the End-Of-The-World festival he wanted to put together in New Zealand to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar on 21st Dec. He’s probably gone right off that idea now!

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