Killing Joke live at the Lyceum, London, 29 February 1980 (audio, 56 mins)

Killing Joke live at the Lyceum in London on 29 February 1980, was a classic gig by all accounts  and the entire concert has surfaced on YouTube, although it’s audio only.  The sound is a bit rough and ready, but there’s plenty of bass and loads of energy.

This was a co-headline gig which Killing Joke shared with Joy Division, for £2,50, and you also got to see A Certain Ratio and Section 25.

Killing Joke set (and YouTube times)

  1. Change (0:49) (soundcheck)
  2. Complications (3:58) (soundcheck)
  3. Pssyche (7:29) (soundcheck)
  4. Turn To Red (10:45) (soundcheck)
  5. Turn To Red (13:25) (soundcheck)
  6. Turn To Red (16:10)
  7. Tomorrow’s World (19:50)
  8. Pssyche (25:07)
  9. Nuclear Boy (30:08)
  10. Change (33:18)
  11. Complications (37:45)
  12. Wardance (41:31)
  13. Are You Receiving? (45:28)
  14. Nervous System (50:53)

The Joy Division set can be found here –

Joy Division set

  1. Incubation*
  2. Wilderness
  3. Twenty Four Hours
  4. The Eternal*
  5. Heart And Soul*
  6. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  7. Isolation*
  8. Komakino
  9. She’s Lost Control*
  10. These Days
  11. Atrocity Exhibition

* Available on the official Heart & Soul box set

via the fantastically named put on your masks and animal skins blog –

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