Short Nick Cave interview about “Lawless”

An all too short interview with Nick Cave on the film Lawless for which he wrote the screenplay and the soundtrack (co-written with Warren Ellis).

One of the most memorable moments in the film is when the audience hears Cave’s version of Lou Reed’s White Light, White Heat done with vocals by the legendary Ralph Stanley (vocalist from O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack).

“Ralph had heard our versions of the song that we played and we wanted him to sing on top of these versions,” Cave recalled.

“He had this guitarist with him and Ralph didn’t really speak to us, he just sat there.

We asked, ‘Could you just sing this part in C.’ The guitarist said, ‘Ralph don’t do C.’ We asked, ‘Could you do it in 4/4 then?’ ‘Ralph don’t do 4/4.’

He, in the end, did it exactly the way he wanted to and it was incredible.”

read the rest at Lawless: Nick Cave on Composing Script & Score – Movie Fanatic.

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