Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, “Lawless” (original sound track)

So, Nick Cave pens his second screenplay, teams up with John Hillcoat as director, and with Warren Ellis (of both the Bad Seeds and Grinderman) to produce the soundtrack.

For his latest endeavour in film, Nick Cave has written both the screenplay and the music for  John Hillcoat’s new movie Lawless, which stars Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, and Gary Oldman. The film hits theaters August 29, while the soundtrack will be released via Sony on August 28.

For the music, Cave teamed up with long-term collaborator Warren Ellis to form a band called the Bootleggers, playing country and bluegrass that mimics the film’s setting (rural Virginia in 1931). They rounded up a rotating cast of guest vocalists, including Emmylou Harris, Mark Lanegan, the Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss, and bluegrass icon Ralph Stanley.

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The Cure’s festivals webcasts, summer 2012

The Cure have played many festivals this summer and many of those have been shown on TV (or via web-casts) and, inevitably, have made their way onto YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

And with Porl Thompson’s departure from the Cure earlier this year, there is a new “guest” on the tour in the form of Reeves Gabrels.  Reeves has played before with the Cure, playing guitar on the 1997 single “Wrong Number” (and there are several other collaborations between Robert & Reeves).

You will probably know Reeves as part of Tin Machine with David Bowie.  Reeves has an edgy, gritty guitar sound, and it really adds something to the sound, and definitely different form Porl’s more psychedelic sound.

Audio only versions of many of the festival shows are available on the Summer Cure 2012 blog.

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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, four tracks from “Abattoir Blues Tour” (2004) in HD (video, 26 minutes)

Recent Nick Cave live does not get any better than this.  I have seen most iterations of the Bad Seeds, and I saw them in Wolverhampton on this tour – it was truly Cave in his pomp.

Lyre of Orpheus/Abattoir Blues is a BIG sounding double LP, lush, especially with the London Gospel Community Choir adding their weight.  And the live show managed to capture that huge sound and make it work on stage.  Nick Cave live can be a little ramshackle, in a very cool way of course, but this was very, very together.

Some of the live shows made it onto a live DVD/CD box set – the Abattoir Blues Tour – and a few of those tracks (it looks like a Channel 4 half hour music special) have made it in HD onto YouTube.

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The Velvet Underground & Nico sees a mammoth six CD re-issue for its 45th anniversary

The Velvet Underground and Nico’s seminal self-titled debut from 1967 will get the deluxe reissue treatment in honor of the record’s 45 anniversary. It’s out October 1 via Universal, spread across six discs with alternate takes and mixes, live recordings, practice sessions, and more.

The set includes both stereo and mono versions of the album, as well as Nico’s 1967 solo debut, Chelsea Girl, and a live show from Columbus, Ohio. It also includes a studio session recorded to acetate in April 1966, and a set of recordings from a January 1966 rehearsal at Andy Warhol’s Factory, which include the rare cuts “Miss Joanie Lee” and “Walk Alone”.

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Good article on Cocteau Twins “Garlands” LP (1982)

Listening back to the early Cocteau Twins, and especially their debut LP Garlands (1982), I am surprised that they were not embraced more heavily by Goths.  Garlands shares many sonic similaries with Pornography – without doubt the Cure’s finest hour (and yep, I do mean even better than Disintegration) – yet they were never seen as Goth.  Maybe Liz Fraser  wore one too many cardigans.

Anyway, a good article on Garlands (and its satellite releases) has been published on the excellent Plunder the Tombs blog, and it includes videos for every track on the LP (and some Peel sessions).

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Killing Joke, “the Hive”, unreleased track from 1982

Killing Joke toured a handful of dates in December 1982, when they were obviously previewing material for the following year’s Fire Dances LP.

The setlist below is from the legendary Klub Foot gig at the Clarendon Hotel on 14th December 1982, and four Fire Dances tracks make it in.

Nestled at track eight of the set is “the Hive”, a track which has never made it to an official release – it may never have been recorded – but it has surfaced in two separate live recordings from these dates, and it’s worth a listen.

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“The Cure & the Story of the Alternative 80s” Magazine

So this dropped through my letterbox today.  The curiously titled “The Cure [IN GREAT BIG LETTERS] and the story of the alternative 80s.” [in apologetically small, non-descript, genre avoiding letters].

It’s a potted history of Goth (the Cure don’t even really get any extra coverage), with new interviews and good, in-depth articles.  This is definitely not as gritty as Mick Mercer’s excellent Gothic Rock (still available through LuLu, and highly recommended), but it seems like a pretty good intro.  It does have a lot of really nice photos, many I haven’t seen before.

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