Killing Joke live at the Lyceum, London, 29 February 1980 (audio, 56 mins)

Killing Joke live at the Lyceum in London on 29 February 1980, was a classic gig by all accounts  and the entire concert has surfaced on YouTube, although it’s audio only.  The sound is a bit rough and ready, but there’s plenty of bass and loads of energy.

This was a co-headline gig which Killing Joke shared with Joy Division, for £2,50, and you also got to see A Certain Ratio and Section 25.

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Peter Murphy interviewed about the Olympics, Bauhaus and Twilight

As much as I love Pete Murphy and Bauhaus, he does talk some crap.  Good interview in the Las Vegas Weekly, but, please, less of the “I never considered Bauhaus Goth” stuff (said as he was applying his eyeliner, pulling up his leggings and putting on his heels)

I never considered Bauhaus Goth. Remember, the culture was germinated after by such bands who were kind of copyists almost. Sisters of Mercy, that stuff and Alien Sex Fiend and all those kids, they kind of spawned out of a spark that I think we kicked ass at. But it was only one element of what I do, I’m more of a theatrical. I’m one of those one-off’s I think. I’m like a Mick Jagger. I’m more like a Doors, Morrison or Jagger, Sinatra, those people. But I do think that I can make a dance record and it’ll be good, hopefully, I mean if I make it well, of course. I think what I’ve got is very rare, and it’s a great voice and lyricism.

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Killing Joke 2012, volume 9, “Okay. So let’s get some stuff straight…”

From Facebook…

Okay. So let’s get some stuff straight so we can all get on with whatever it is we all do.

This whole tour situation has left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth and we can only apologise to anyone who bought tickets specifically to see us. We are working on a way of making sure we make it up to all of you so please keep your ticket Stubbs for the dates and we will do out best to make amends.

Part of what makes this band what it is is the chaos that surrounds us all and we are unpredictable at best. If you understand our band you will also understand that the recent comings and goings are just another day in the Chaos Office. That said people parting with hard earned and not getting to see us is shitty and like I say we will make amends.

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Killing Joke “In Dub” remix project complete, triple CD pre-order date announced

Youth has completed his Killing Joke Dub project “In Dub”, this will become available to preorder middle of next week (as soon as the last 30 KJ Live at RFH albums are delivered).  Much of it has already been released, and there are some strange omissions (King & Queens, a New Day, Change – all have good dub remixes).

It’s been a long time coming…. Killing Joke in Dub has been in the planning for almost 25 years. Killing joke have been releasing “Dub” mixes and dance remixes of their songs since the late 70’s and pioneered the genre for the mash up of rock, metal, dub and electronic dance.

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Killing Joke 2012, volume 8, Jaz Coleman is alive!

Lo and behold, the Killing Joke 2012 saga continues – now up to volume 8 (see bottom of the post for the other seven volumes) – with Jaz Coleman being found alive and kicking in the Western Sahara.  All of this guff comes form Facebook, which seems th only way that Killing Joke communicate anymore.

To the relief of family and friends, Killing Joke Frontman Jaz Coleman appeared today from his retreat in the Western Sahara bemused by all the fuss of his disappearance. “I’ve been finishing my book and writing the score for my new project – (The Nirvana Symphonic) – (laughs), what’s all the fuss about then?”

Coleman had apparently been living a nomadic existence for the last month in the desert in order to concentrate on finishing his two current projects. Nirvana looks like becoming a TV show and a concert in Seattle in 2013 and the book and an exclusive Coleman album will be packaged together and available for order as early as next week.

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Gary Numan shows announced for December 2012

Gary Numan will play 7 shows in December with the new ‘Dead Moon Falling’ Tour.

These concerts will feature some brand new songs from the forthcoming ‘Splinter’ album (due for release in 2013), plus new versions of tracks from 2011′s ‘Dead Son Rising’ album, which are currently being worked on by the likes of Alec Empire, The Duke Spirit, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) and Gazelle Twin.

Officers are once again supporting, as they are releasing a new single with Numan in the run up to the tour. This collaboration, ‘Petals’ is scheduled for a full release in November.

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Killing Joke 2012, volume 7, Exclusive Metropolis gig cancelled

Killing Joke’s exclusive gig at Metropolis studios has been cancelled:

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the Killing Joke VIP concert at Metropolis Studios on September 8th is cancelled.

We received notice from management early Monday August 6th.

All ticket holders will receive a full refund.

Metropolis Studios

No doubt, there is more to come….

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