Nick Cave confirms new Bad Seeds LP for 2013

A number of sources are reporting that Nick Cave has announced that a Bad Seeds LP will be released in 2013, probably February.  The excellent Nick Cave Fixes reports:

According to a friend who attended last night’s Lawless Q & A in London, Nick Cave said the new Bad Seeds album is DONE and that the band will likely tour early next year.  Said Cave about the new album: “It’s a real masterpiece. No seriously, leave all that other shit behind, this is the one”. Rumors abound that L.A. dates are already scheduled for February 2013.

And Aussie site Music Feeds says:

Having successfully wrapped up his recent film score/soundtrack collaboration with Warren Ellis, Nick Cave has turned his attention to a slightly more neglected project, his very own Bad Seeds.

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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, “Burnin’ Hell” for the Lawless OST – audio only, but it’s GREAT!

So, the Nick Cave website has an “under construction” message (that’s the Nick Cave site, not the Bad Seeds site), and it very kindly gives us a taster of what we can expect form the Lawless OST… the track Burnin’ Hell (below) has surfaced, and fantastic it is.

Apparently, Cave and Ellis formed a bluegrass band and invited a number of guest singers along. It sounds like it was recorded in a very honest style (i.e. rough as old nadgers) which is exactly how this should be recorded.

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Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue reunite to re-record “Where the Wild Roses Grow”

Nick’s been busy… Oh, and apparently the “emotional resonance of many of Kylie’s songs has never been clearer”, so, at last, the depth of the lyrics to “can’t get you out of my head” will finally be revealed for the Lennon-esque piece of work it really is.

MUSICAL odd couple Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave have reunited for a new version of their controversial duet.

The remake of Where the Wild Roses Grow features on Minogue’s new orchestral greatest hits album, The Abbey Road Sessions.  The murder ballad, a hit in 1996, sees Cave’s character kill Minogue with a blow to the head.  At the time the song reinvented Minogue’s career – she has continued to perform it in various concerts.
The Abbey Road Sessions, recorded in the iconic London studio last November, sees Minogue rework sixteen of her hits with a full orchestra.

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Killing Joke 2012, volume 13, BAM! Killing Joke explode over the Cult and cider…

And I missed the Facebook post mentioned below, which has been deleted subsequently (if anyone knows, please let me know) but it seems to be after a heady combination of the Cult and cider (“An indie brewery names a cider after KJ and Mike does a label and a bunch of hate mail??? For what? Apples? Mike Coles? Indie Cider makers?”).

From Facebook, natch:

You know what, fuck it. We cancelled some shows for reasons that none of you know and can’t because it’s personal. We were first on, on The Cult tour and we couldn’t do it. Get over it and ask for your money back from the promoter or as we have said 3 times now keep your unused ticket and we will do something to make it up.

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Gary Numan interview with Paul Morely from July 1979, and links to a Smash Hits interview from the same week!

Some content from the excellent (but paid subscription base) Rock’s Back Pages,  has found it’s way onto Yahoo!  An excellent interview/profile with Paul Morley from 1979, just as Tubeway Army broke.

Gary Numan was the gloomy Brit who married the influences of Bowie, Ultravox, and even Jobriath,  hitting huge with ‘Are “Friends” Electric?’ Now lauded as an electronic godfather, he plays England’s Bestival tonight (Sept 6), so we we’re taking you down memory lane with this great Paul Morley NME profile published June 9, 1979

The list went something like: 2.00pm — Jackie, 2.30pm — My Guy, 3.15pm — Patches, 4.00pm — Record Mirror, 4.45pm — Smash Hits, 5.30pm — Paul Morley.

[the Smash Hits interview link is at the bottom]

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Killing Joke 2012, volume 12, Killing Joke cider!!!?!!!!

Weirder and weirder!  Killing Joke have announced, in a move of David Lynchian proportions, that there is to be a Killing Joke branded cider.  I sh*t you not.

The label to the left (high res version below) has even been designed by the mighty Mike Coles, responsible for most, if not all, of Killing Joke’s outstanding artwork.  From Facebook, natch:

Killing Joke Cider is being manufactured by an independent English Company, label by none other than Mike Coles. Will post a link to it once we have one.

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