Gary Numan interview with Paul Morely from July 1979, and links to a Smash Hits interview from the same week!

Some content from the excellent (but paid subscription base) Rock’s Back Pages,  has found it’s way onto Yahoo!  An excellent interview/profile with Paul Morley from 1979, just as Tubeway Army broke.

Gary Numan was the gloomy Brit who married the influences of Bowie, Ultravox, and even Jobriath,  hitting huge with ‘Are “Friends” Electric?’ Now lauded as an electronic godfather, he plays England’s Bestival tonight (Sept 6), so we we’re taking you down memory lane with this great Paul Morley NME profile published June 9, 1979

The list went something like: 2.00pm — Jackie, 2.30pm — My Guy, 3.15pm — Patches, 4.00pm — Record Mirror, 4.45pm — Smash Hits, 5.30pm — Paul Morley.

[the Smash Hits interview link is at the bottom]

I am part of someone else’s blur. For Gary Numan — who is Tubeway Army — the last few days have been a blur of brand new excitement and confusion. His song ‘Are “Friends” Electric?’ has surprisingly sneaked into the Top 30.

The success went something like this:

The first few singles are pressed as an attractive picture disc, which pushes the single into the lower part of the chart. The single then receives some airplay and, not being especially repulsive, slides a little deeper into the charts. There then comes the invitation to appear on Top Of The Pops, which coincides with an appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test. The single then strolls into the Top 30. For Gary Numan all this has happened within a month.

Three weeks ago no one wanted to talk to him. Except me. Now there’s a queue. And I’m at the end of it.

read the rest at: The Rock’s Backpages Flashback: Looking Through Gary Numan’s Eyes | Rocks Back Pages – Archives – Yahoo! Music.

Smash Hits interview, pages…


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