Killing Joke 2012, volume 11, Killing Joke are definitely cancelled, but you can get a refund…

No!  Even though the Cult gave Killing Joke some “breathing space” they are now DEFINITELY off the ill-fated Cult, Mission and Killing Joke stadium tour this September (see saga below).

I am not going to go if Killing Joke aren’t playing, but before I could call TicketMaster, I received one of their recorded messages saying that KJ are defnitely off and refunds are available, by returning tickets BEFORE September 10th – that’s Monday! (Cheers Ticketmaster.)

Tickets must be returned to:

PO Box 798
M60 1WY

Previously, in Killing Joke 2012…

  1. it started with the Cult, Mission & Killing Joke proposed stadium tour
  2. then the tour’s been downsized
  3. then the tour’s off, or at least Killing Joke are out, and KJ’s Facebook page gets nasty to Astbury!
  4. then there’s an exclusive gig at £200 per ticket… not received too well by the fans
  5. then there’s an apology about the FB stuff
  6. then no-one new anything the Facebook stuff about it and Jaz has disappeared
  7. then the Metropolis gig is cancelled
  8. then Jaz is found alive and well in the Sahara, natch
  9. then Killing Joke come out fighting!
  10. then the Cult give Killing Joke some breathing time… is the tour back on?

3 thoughts on “Killing Joke 2012, volume 11, Killing Joke are definitely cancelled, but you can get a refund…

  1. Okay then… my two tickets went back to TicketMaster via signed for delivery on Friday – guaranteed to arrive Saturday. They have a face value of £70 (pair), and I reckon I’ve a 50/50 chance of seeing that again, bet definitely NOT £10 booking fee (bastards) or the £10 postage (bastards).

    I’ll call them tomorrow (Monday) and see what they have to say!

    1. Okay then… called today – no chance of getting through on the main number, in fact I don’t think I have ever been in a more convoluted phone menu system in my life. Eventually I got to the refunds bit and a recorded message just said they didn’t do refunds. Thanks again, TicketMaster.

      So I dug around and found this number – 0844 496 8329 – a customer service number and I got through pretty quickly and spoke to Tom. Tom confirmed that my tracking code from delivery said that the package was out for delivery, but was not yet showing on their system. He would track them down, and call me back. That was about 9.30 – no call since.

      I’ll try again tomorrow.

  2. Tom never did call… but I rang back today and they confirmed that the refund had been processed, and it included the booking fees. Bingo!

    So just the one bastard for TicketMaster, but they can have another just for the sheer cheek of HUGE booking fees for fuck all. They certainly don’t spend the money on real people to talk on the phone.

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