Killing Joke 2012, volume 12, Killing Joke cider!!!?!!!!

Weirder and weirder!  Killing Joke have announced, in a move of David Lynchian proportions, that there is to be a Killing Joke branded cider.  I sh*t you not.

The label to the left (high res version below) has even been designed by the mighty Mike Coles, responsible for most, if not all, of Killing Joke’s outstanding artwork.  From Facebook, natch:

Killing Joke Cider is being manufactured by an independent English Company, label by none other than Mike Coles. Will post a link to it once we have one.

And then later:

Out of curiosity having had a nose around and seen that Motorhead have their own wine and vodka, Elbow have an Ale and even Current 93 have an absinthe what drink would you most like to own from KJ. Geordie says own brand tequila.

What could go wrong??!

Previously, in Killing Joke 2012…

  1. it started with the Cult, Mission & Killing Joke proposed stadium tour
  2. then the tour’s been downsized
  3. then the tour’s off, or at least Killing Joke are out, and KJ’s Facebook page gets nasty to Astbury!
  4. then there’s an exclusive gig at £200 per ticket… not received too well by the fans
  5. then there’s an apology about the FB stuff
  6. then no-one new anything the Facebook stuff about it and Jaz has disappeared
  7. then the Metropolis gig is cancelled
  8. then Jaz is found alive and well in the Sahara, natch
  9. then Killing Joke come out fighting!
  10. then the Cult give Killing Joke some breathing time… is the tour back on?
  11. then Killing Joke are definitely off the tour, refunds are available!

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