“Is This Shit?” Killing Joke – Sanity (Roman Mix)

Found this gem, and frankly, it’s a fair question, and one that needs to be asked.  Bad remix.  

In summary they think it “sounds like new order” and “Eighties is the best track”.  Well, right on one count.

Today on “Is This Shit,”we will be listening to Killing Joke’s single “Sanity” along with the B-Sides, Sanity (Edited Version) and Eighties. We will also be giving our commentary in between the tracks. At the end of the video we will finally answer the question, “Is This Shit?”

They are reviewing the US 12 inch version, featuring Eighties on the Bside.

3 thoughts on ““Is This Shit?” Killing Joke – Sanity (Roman Mix)

  1. 18 mins 10 secs in: “Kurt, I guarantee, had never heard this. There’s no way he’d want to listen to (voice starts dripping disdain) Killing Joke.”
    Oh, really? I suppose that’s why Nirvana and Killing Joke settled the plagiarism issue out of court! In fact there is doubt that KJ ever issued a lawsuit at all (they were probably flattered and punks sueing each other may well have struck them as being uncool) and it seems Nirvana sending them a Christmas card probably did the trick in calming things down.
    Who are these dumbfucks and when was their radio show recorded?
    By the way, good to have you back G&A. Where you been?

  2. Ah! I deal with e-mails from most recent backwards, so saw your explaination for the “outage” after leaving the above comment. All is now clear, apart from what caused said outage…(no, you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to!)

  3. Tim, I would love to say that the outage was something fantastic… maybe I have been on tour with a band, maybe jumping out of balloons 23 miles up, or even battling international villains and swigging Martinis.

    But, no. I run a business and things have been really, really busy – in a good way. But now, the bulk of that is behind me so (until the next lot) normal service has been resumed.


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