“Miracula Halloween” – Peter Murphy plays a $500-ticket show in L.A.

Let’s hope this goes better than Killing Joke’s  “exclusive” Metropolis gig, eh?

Peter Murphy plays here tomorrow, but the location is top secret. And only 125 guests will have the chance to join the singer — whose husky voice and dramatic performance style first made waves during his time with Dark Wave act Bauhaus — for two shows.

One will be his 1989 solo album Deep performed live in its entirety for the first time, and the second set will feature both solo work and songs from his Bauhaus days. Called Miracula Halloween, the event is a cocktail party/meet-and-greet/show with a $500 price tag.

The U.K.-born Murphy spends months at a time in L.A. His band is out here and he’s also doing some acting — you might have caught him in Twilight: Eclipse as Cold Man. His home base, though, is Istanbul, where he was when we talked to him about tomorrow night’s event.

via Peter Murphy Will Play a $500 Show at a Secret Location Tomorrow – Los Angeles – Music – West Coast Sound.

2 thoughts on ““Miracula Halloween” – Peter Murphy plays a $500-ticket show in L.A.

  1. God! Like the Rolling Stones, Murphy doesn’t appear to know there’s a recession on. Nor did Killing Joke,either, till good sense prevailed and they knocked their greedfest on the head. A mate told me today that G&A’s name is from a Bauhaus lyric. Well, you learn something new every day…

    1. He is right. It’s from “A God in an Alcove” – my favourite Bauhaus song.

      Indeed, the site was going to be agodinanalcove.com – but that looks too much like “A God in Anal Cove” which is wrong on too many levels, hence the subtle re-wording.

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