The 20 best goth songs of the last 20 years… apparently!

Now, I would have trouble naming two goth songs from the last (outside of those from artists I know from OVER 20 years ago, like Nick Cave), but for you whipper-snappers out there here is the Measure’s take on The 20 best goth songs of the last 20 years…

Goth rock, both the sound and the general image of it, has only grown in mainstream acceptance since its first appearance in the early 80s. Using dark, sometimes supernatural imagery to explain tumultuous internal feelings is pretty much what pop culture does now (See: Buffy, Harry Potter, Twilight, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, everything). Broadcasting inner darkness to the wider world is something that whole generations of young people have grown up always being comfortable with. Pop-culture in 2012 is gother on average than 1982 by a huge margin.

13. Interpol – “Obstacle #1” (2002)

Paul Banks was no Ian Curtis, history pretty emphatically settled that. But there is a ghoulish handsomeness to that first Interpol record, still. And for a guy who gets routinely mocked for his clunky lyrics, “You go stabbing yourself in the neck!” is an unusually vivid and memorable image.

via The 20 Best Goth Songs of the Last 20 Years | The Measure.

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