The Sisterhood, the difficult genesis of “Gift”

Following hot on the heels of the Quietus’s 25th anniversary re-appraisal of the Sisters’ Floodland LP, here is an excellent account of the traumatic birth of the Sisterhood and their perennial debut “Gift”, from the equally excellent “Plunder the Tombs”.

Let us now delve into one of the more tempestuous tales in the history of Gothic Rock.

We need to travel back to 1986 when The Sisters of Mercy were riding high on the success of their debut full length release First and Last and Always. Plans for the second album, reportedly to be called “Left on Mission and Revenge”, were underway, but all was not well. Recent gigs had been fraught with tension and guitarist and lead song-writer Gary Marx left the band mid-tour citing “personal differences”, and left The Sisters to complete tour dates of Europe and the US as a three-piece (Thompson, D. The dark reign of gothic rock: In the reptile house with The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and The Cure, Helter Skelter (2002)). He’s by no means vanished from history however, and soon turns up in Ghost Dance with Anne-Marie Hurst, former vocalist with fellow Leeds Goth act Skeletal Family, who had regularly served as The Sisters’ support act.

However, we digress.

read MUCH more at: Plunder the Tombs: The Sisterhood – Gift (Merciful Release, 1986).

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