Jaz Coleman, auto-biography and second symphony available for order on Pledge Music

jaz-cythersJaz Coleman (from Killing Joke) has also been extremely busy recently.  Not only has there been all of the Killing Joke shenanigans, he has found time to complete his auto-biography (“Letters from Cythera”) and his second (released?) symphony (“The Island”).

They are both being released via Pledge Music, which I have found okay but loads of KJ fans were royally pissed off when their “Down by the River” live LPs [read our review of this excellent LP], also provided via Pledge Music, arrived mind-bogglingly late!

Letters from Cythera & The Island symphony

Get my 2nd symphony ‘The Island’ along with a number of signed, exclusive and limited edition items & exclusive content.

Letters From Cythera was written between years 2007 – 2008 in the South Pacific and outlines how the occult sciences have shaped my philosophical outlook expounding on my preferred system for a personalized renaissance (the supersynthesis), which consists of completing 13 separate projects or masterpieces over a five to six year period. In the following book I document my endeavours in tackling this epic undertaking. In short, it is the antithesis of a conventional rock biography.

Thus Letters from Cythera is the first of two books giving a detailed account of my hidden history and involvement with Hermetics, Earth Sciences and the Rosicrucian tradition noting the various Kabalistic innovations that have evolved over the last 33 years (and perhaps more significantly how they have influenced my work with both Killing Joke and Orchestra). Letters from Cythera also covers the principles of self education, symbolism, quantum mechanics, numerology and of course my ongoing obsession with the image of a hidden island at the ends of the earth.

Additionally this beautifully bound volume will include an unreleased recording of my 2nd Symphony (‘The Island’) as a companion work. There are several pauses and moments of reflection throughout the work of which I use The Island Symphony as an aid for contemplation on the work. The Island Symphony was actually composed in 1997 to celebrate my NZ Citizenship.


Packaging mock-ups

jc mockuphttp://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jazcoleman/updates/14959

Hi everyone

Thanks for pledging on Letters from Cythera and The Island Symphony.

We thought it would be useful for you guys to see where we’re already at with manufacture on the project, given that we had some production delays with the Killing Joke live album which some of you will either be aware of or have experienced.

We already have a production house on board and they’ve mocked up a version of what the package can look like for us – and we wanted to share a couple of photos with you here. Although the mockups here use a box in place of the book, you can already see what we are working towards.

We already have artwork being put into place and we’ll share this with you as we go. The designer on the project is also already working on putting the package together. So we’re firing on all cylinders.

We’ll keep you updated as the project progresses. Thanks for supporting Jaz’s work!


Killing Joke answer a few questions on Facebook about Jaz’s book

Okay so thanks to everyone whom has pledged money (http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/jazcoleman) for The new Jaz Coleman Autobiography and symphony. People are asking a lot of questions and we thought we would answer them here.

Q 1) This can basically be summed up ‘no offence or anything but is this project actually completed or are you selling something that you haven’t actually completed.

A) Both the book and the Symphony are totally complete. Jaz completed the final chapter 4 weeks ago and its a pretty meaty tome clocking in around 400 pages and fully illustrated. The symphony is also 100% finished and was recorded in Aukland in NZ.

Q2) ‘As much as we enjoyed Down by the river and everyone got it, it took bloody ages. is this gonna be the same?’

A) We learned some lessons with DBTR and no it won’t. What we have done this time is set the financial target to the exact figure needed to start production, ie when the project hits 100% (looks like it will this week as its at 60% now) we will go into production with aim of delivering BEFORE the end of the campaign, which is within the next 6 – 8 weeks.

Q3) Why is Jaz being so nice in the video?

A) No idea whatsoever

Q4) Is this a Killing Joke book specifically?

A) No this is Jaz Coleman’s Autobiography and covers everything from growing up to KJ and everything about and in-between.

Potential spoken word nights

Jaz is going to do a spoken word evening on feb 25 – 26 2013 where he will read from his forthcoming autobiography and hold a Q&A etc. More details to follow.

3 thoughts on “Jaz Coleman, auto-biography and second symphony available for order on Pledge Music

  1. Hi guys. I consider myself a gatherer. I would like to know if there are other avenues for purchasing letters from cythera besides pledge as I know there have been many complaints about not receiving merchandise for more than five months. Do you have any news on this or where I can purchase the death and resurrection show? Tracey

    1. Hi Tracey, I have ordered “Letters” and CD, but have had nothing but the digital download. I don’t think that Letters is available anywhere else, and the Death and Resurrection show movie hasn’t made the cinema outside of New Zealand, so that’s going to be a wait then. If I hear anything else I’ll post it here.


      1. Hi guys. Really appreciate your feedback. Look forward to hearing more about my amazing Killing Joke

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