Killing Joke’s Youth – interview

youthA good interview with Youth from Killing Joke:

One of the aspects of MMXII I really like is the fact that it sounds so fresh and vibrant. Killing Joke has been around for more than 3 decades now, so what’s your secret?

I don’t know really. My day job is to produce other artists in my studio. I work with young artists and bands. Jaz is also a producer and that keeps our edges sharp in a way. We’re all doing different things. Geordie doesn’t do any other side projects, but the rest of us do. We’re all active musically, and we’re not afraid to go all in, because we’re in familiar space. The album was recorded in my studio in Spain, so that gave us the time and space to experiment with things.

Does it have something to do with your uncompromising attitude towards the song material?

Yes, there you are! The material gets distilled down a lot. We approached this album and the previous one with songs that were already written, and we also did spontaneous jams which resulted in other songs we spent a shorter amount of time on. Seven or eight of those tracks made it to MMXII actually. A lot of it was spontaneous, and that’s something I always try to aim for as a producer anyway.

read more here: The Intensity Of Youth: An Interview With Killing Joke GHOST CULT Ghost Cult Magazine: Extreme Metal Reviews, Interviews and Features.

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