Gary Numan, “Now… and then”, new iPad app (with Artrocker Magazine)

Numan_300x300Gary Numan’s another busy chap at the moment, and he has just announced a new iPad app, in association with Artrocker online magazine (and buyers will be given access to an exclusive download album, Gary’s last album Dead Son Rising remixed in it’s entirety):

It’s been an amazing couple of years for Gary Numan, returning to form as a recording artist and back in the public gaze as one of the revered greats of Pop. Artrocker editor in chief Tom Artrocker has conducted a series of interviews with Gary spanning April to September of this year, discussing the past, present and future of the King of Synth. No stone is left unturned. Tom also spoke to co-producer Ade Fenton, members of Gary’s present band as well as former alumni, Gary’s merch man of many years and includes the story behind the recording of and subsequent decision to release Are Friends Electric as a single.

For this App Artrocker commissioned photographer, and former male super-model Keith Martin to take a series of new photos of Gary, his crew and fans. The result is nearly 200 brand new, never seen before photos of the highest quality.

Embedded in the App are a dozen interview videos, on subjects as diverse as Cars and moving to the USA.

Buyers will be given access to an exclusive download album, Gary’s last album Dead Son Rising remixed in it’s entirety.

Gary talks about his recent return to prominence, moving to America, writing, recording, producing and performing, future plans , the next album…even the make of car he’ll be driving around LA.

Gary discusses how it all began, the first fateful meeting with a synthesiser, riding the instant rocket to fame, the come down, the lost years and the fight back. We have nearly 100 flyers, programmes, back stage passes, photos from the period and vintage magazine covers. And the classic Numan videos, of course.

This is an iPad App that will appeal to Numanoids, synth-poppers and music fans of all ages. When you unwrap that brand new tablet on Christmas Day baptise it with Artrocker and the undisputed King of Synth. All Hail King Gary. All Hail Artrocker.

via Gary Numan iPad App now Live! | News | Artrocker.

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