Killing Joke, “Singles Collection”, fifty tracks on YouTube

kj singles largeKJHQ recently posted this on Facebook, to support the release of the recently announced Singles Collection LP [and click here to read what the track-listing SHOULD be]:

“To hold you all over until the release of the new Singles Collection, we’ve made a YouTube playlist with fifty of the tracks that will feature on it to get you through the holiday period, enjoy!”

See the videos by clicking here.

  1. Nervous System
  2. Turn to Red
  3. Wardance (Original 7″ Single)
  4. Pssyche (7″ original)
  5. Requiem
  6. Change
  7. Follow the leaders
  8. Tension
  9. empire song
  10. Brilliant
  11. Chop-Chop
  12. Good Samaritan
  13. Birds of a Feather
  14. Flock the B-Side
  15. Dominator
  16. Me or You?
  17. Wilful Days
  18. Eighties
  19. Eighties (Serious Dance Mix) (Original Vinyl 12″ Version)
  20. New Day
  21. A New Day (Dance Day)
  22. Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances)
  23. Love Like Blood
  24. Blue Feather (Version)
  25. Kings And Queens
  26. The Madding Crowd
  27. Adorations
  28. EXILE
  29. Sanity
  30. Goodbye to the Village
  31. America
  32. Jihad single
  33. My Love Of This Land
  34. Darkness Before Dawn
  35. The Beautiful Dead
  36.  Money Is Not Our God
  37. North of the Border
  38. Jana
  39. Jana (Dragonfly Mix)
  40. Mass
  41. Loose Cannon
  42. Seeing Red (jagz kooner remix)
  43. Seeing Red(HQ)
  44. Kali Yuga
  45. Fresh Fever
  46.  Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove
  47. Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (Dub Mix)
  48. Penny Drops
  49. Corporate Elect [2012]
  50. New Uprising MMXII (2012) Bonus Track

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