Peter Murphy interview

PeterMurphyHere’s a short interview with Peter Murphy entitled “He’s back, you Bela believe it”. Ouch.

Murphy is touring Australia for the first time and his performances will undoubtedly include a faithful version of Bela Lugosi’s Dead along with other Bauhaus songs and material from his productive solo career, including his impressive latest album, Ninth. He has never strayed too far from the theatrical alt-rock base that made Bauhaus an iconic and beloved band among ’80s underground music followers, even in times when ”goth rock” was decidedly unfashionable.

The singer has always maintained that affiliation with gothic subculture, although his music has sometimes pushed beyond that stereotype. He regards the ”Godfather of Goth” tag a burden and a blessing.

”It is frustrating sometimes when somebody will not listen to my music because they think, ‘Oh, he’s some goth guy.’ But if they do pick the record up and listen to it, they are completely discombobulated because it isn’t goth at all,” he says. ”A lot of people might not come to the show because the reputation precedes me and they think, ‘I’m not a goth, so I don’t want to go to that show.’ That’s the only frustrating thing.

read more here: He’s back, you Bela believe it.

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