Killing Joke, live at the Brixton Ace, London, 4th November 1982 (ProShot DVD)

killing joke 82This is good – early Killing Joke, 1982, just after Raven joined, on the TV show “Whatever You Didn’t Get”.  Four tracks and an interview recorded live at the Brixton Ace in November 1982, and cracking they are too.

Dark Circle Room, who else? have links to download the original pro-shot video on their site (link below), and a couple of the tracks have already surfaced on YouTube – Pssyche and the Pandys are Coming.  This version of Pssyche is really good…

  1. Interview
  2. Psyche
  3. The Pandys Are Coming
  4. We Have Joy
  5. War Dance

Get the goodies here: DARK CIRCLE ROOM: Killing Joke – Brixton Ace, London, UK – 04.11.1983 (ProShot DVD).


The Pandys Are Coming

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