Sisters Of Mercy, “Victims Of Circumstance” bootleg CD

sisters vocThe Sisters of Mercy exploded in a joyous mess in the mid-80s [read about it in “the Difficult Genesis of the Sisterhood’s LP Gift“], but not before laying down some demos of new material.

Parts of this CD are a bit like a drunken Goth  karaoke mash-up party… fancy hearing First & Last &  Always music, but with Gary Marx singing about “Red Skies Disappear” over the top?  Or Andrew Eldritch singing “Garden of Delight” (later recorded by the Mission)?  Or Black Planet’s music with Wayne Hussey singing “Dance on Glass” over the top?  This is definitely worth a listen if you are an early Sisters Fan.

This is the recent Australian CD bootleg,not the 7” single or the tape that share the same name.

The sound it’s probably the best you’ll get for these demos and the version of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” is not faded like in the “Sins and Secrets” bootleg, don’t know if that’s because of the source or some audio editing by the bootleggers.


  1. Ghostrider (Live in Amsterdam 1984)
  2. Red Skies Disapper (FALAA music with G. Marx vocals)
  3. Dance On Glass (Black Planet music with W. Hussey vocals)
  4. A Rock And A Hard Place (Disco Mix)
  5. Garden Of Delight (W. Hussey vocals)
  6. Garden Of Delight (A. Eldritch vocals)
  7. Knocking On Heaven’s Door (Studio Demo)
  8. Serpents Kiss (Instrumental Demo)
  9. Emma (Unfinished Studio Demo)

get it here: DARK CIRCLE ROOM: The Sisters Of Mercy – Victims Of Circumstance – CD Version (FLAC).

Red Skies Disappear

Dance on Glass

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